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Bullets 25
Ammunition 1
Damage 7 HP
Critical chance 1%
Critical damage 7
Rarity Uncommon

The Assault Rifle is an automatic Primary weapon added in Pre-Alpha 1.1.2.

Overview Edit

The Assault Rifle is a solid weapon. In comparison to other automatic primary weapons, such as the Submachine Gun, it has a slightly smaller magazine size. It's more accurate, however, and performs better at longer ranges than the Submachine Gun, as well as doing more damage.

Strategies Edit

The Assault Rifle is the ideal weapon for all distances. It's suitable for close to mid range combat, and its accuracy is high enough to take on enemies across the map. Try to fire at and finish off foes that are at a distance.

Bugs Edit

  • The Assault rifle (due to the grain effects) will appear to have some blackened parts appear bright blue.

Trivia Edit

  • The Assault Rifle is a combination of the AR-15 and AK-103 assault rifles. It may also be inspired from the Swedish Ak 5.
  • The Assault Rifle is the first Primary weapon added after release.
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