Length Medium
Damage 11.5 HP
Durability N/A
Rarity Common

The Bat or Baseball Bat is the second shortest Melee weapon, added in Pre-Release.


The Bat has moderate damage, able to kill quickly if used well and in succession. It is only better than the Pipe Wrench, so finding a better one is advised.

Whilst not too strong, it works well for dishing out some damage if an enemy comes too close, leaving the enemy easier to take down with a ranged weapon. If you find yourself against an enemy with an Fire Axe or Katana, it is better to either escape or take down the enemy with a ranged weapon, as their weapon deals more damage and has a longer reach.


  • When the Bat hits Grenades, they will travel much further than if they were thrown. This is the only Melee weapon that has this ability.
  • The Bat is the only Melee weapon that doesn't have the hitting metal sound when hitting metal objects.
  • Note that the reach of the Bat is shorter than what you would think, due to its long range in reality.
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