Rockets 3
Ammunition N/A
Damage ExplosionIcon
Critical chance N/A
Critical damage N/A
Rarity Very Rare

The Bazooka is a ranged explosive Primary weapon, added in Pre-Alpha 1.1.7.


The Bazooka is capable of doing massive damage or, with a direct hit, kill an opponent. The Bazooka fires a rocket off in a straight line, however the trajectory is not constantly straight, as it has the tendency to shift which can help avoid excessively long ranged kills. The random directional shift can partially be prevented with a Laser Sight attached to the Bazooka.

Roket riding Edit

If hit by a rocket, a player can use the left and right movement keys to steer the rocket in a specific direction. Once the player-controlled rocket hits something, it will explode, killing the player that rode it and whomever else they could hit. This can be used to take out either another enemy player or the Bazooka user with ease.

Additional tips:

  • To counteract 'Rocket Riding'; fire in tight spaces, where it may be hard for a player to steer back at you.
  • If a rocket rider approaches, find the quickest way to dodge direct contact or you will be instantly killed.
  • If you are riding a rocket, you can use the Slow Motion power-up to help perform complicated maneuvers that may have been impractical to do in regular time.
  • It is possible to shoot teammates, meaning you can send teammates to fly at enemies during team battles.

Strategies Edit

The best way to "counter" a Bazooka is to stand a small distance away from its user (since most players are very reluctant to shoot from afar, hinting the Bazooka's low accuracy). Dodge and jump over all shots until the user runs out of ammo. You can also hide behind cover and run away when the rocket approaches, essentially wasting the fired shot. Another tactic is to position yourself so you can get hit by a rocket and ride back at the enemy who fired it which will kill both you and your opponent.


  • It could be obtained Pre-Alpha 1.1.2-1.1.5 using /give Command. Its ID number is 17. Despite that, the Bazooka during this time only acted as a 3-shot Pump-Action Shotgun.
  • It is the first ranged explosive weapon available in the game (excluding Grenades) after release.
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