Size 16x16
Material Metal
Durability 10 HP (see notes)
Flammable? Yes

The Explosive Barrel is a hazardous object throughout the Superfighters Series.


The Explosive Barrel is dangerous for Superfighters as it explodes not once, but twice. Explosive Barrels explode upon being shot or by having a fighter land on it, which will destroy and spread fire to anything nearby. Once the barrel explodes, its wreckage flies into the air and is still a hazard until shot, or it hits something (whether it hits an object, the ground, or even a fighter).

Explosive Barrels can help or hurt a fighter depending on when and where they and the barrel are positioned at the time of explosion due to the environmental destruction (falling concrete), and the spread of its fire. The explosive barrel has to capability to either launch a Superfighter or kill them depending on the velocity of the object at the given moment. The explosive barrel also releases a portion of fire when it comes into contact with a something. Barrels are extremely unpredictable so it's advised to aim carefully when dealing with one. When in a cramped space, the barrel will turn into the second animation above. At that point melee will trigger the barrel to explode but in this state it will not release any fire.

Notes Edit

  • Despite the fact that explosive barrels got 10 HP, they will explode instantly on bullet hit, and aren't affected by melee.