Fire is a frequent mechanic in the Superfighters series.

Function Edit

Fire is an alternative to using bullets and explosives. Fire is not nessecarly deadly to assault someone with, but can set wooden objects on fire. Fire itself doesn't deal damage, but sets players on fire, which deals damage depending on what level fire the player is afflicted with.


Level 1 Fire: The most basic level of fire that diminishes 1 HP around every half-second. This level of fire is usually inflicted from indirect contact with fire for a few seconds. The player is simply shown to have some fire coming from his torso. Rolling will extinguish the fire completely.

Level 2 Fire: The highest level of fire that diminises 2-3 HP around every half-second, rapidly decimating a target. This level of fire is usally inflicted with direct contact with fire, such as being hit by the Flamethrower or Molotov Cocktail. The player is shown being entirely engulfed by an intense fire. Rolling will put the player back to Level 1 fire.

Sources Edit

In Superfighters there were multiple sources which emitted fire; which are Explosive Barrels, Gas Cans, Flamethrowers and Molotov Cocktails. In Superfighters Deluxe the original sources returned in addition to the Flare Gun, FireNodeTrigger and the FireCircleTrigger.