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Length Long
Damage 14 HP
Durability N/A
Rarity Uncommon

The Fire Axe is the second longest Melee weapon. added in Pre-Alpha 1.1.

Combat Edit

The Fire Axe is one of the two best Melee weapons in the game, being a bit shorter than the Katana, but with more knockback, and a bit longer than the Bat and Machete.

Similar to the Katana, the Fire Axe has a long reach, but it is slightly shorter. The Fire Axe features a high knockback power, making up for the shorter range. It has a greater knockback rating than all other Melee weapons (other than the Pipe Wrench)

This weapon is best used for keeping your opponent away from you, and the long reach is good for Melee fights. The knockback is very useful for knocking your opponents off a ledge, which would hopefully kill them. This can also help you remove enemies from your way, allowing you to escape them.

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