The Grenades are throwable explosives Equipment within the Superfighters series.


SF Grenades


Grenades 1
Total Grenades N/A
Damage ExplosionIcon
Rarity Uncommon

The Grenades are Equipment that used in combat.

Combat Edit

Players starts off with three grenades as default, but can acquire more by catching them when they spawn on the map. Grenades cause a large amount of damage over a medium radius, taking 3 seconds to detonate. The Grenades can decimate grouped enemies quickly. Using a grenade can be challenging because an opponent can simply run away before the grenade detonates.

Superfighters DeluxeEdit



Grenades 1
Total Grenades N/A
Damage ExplosionIcon
Rarity Uncommon

The Grenades  are throwable explosives Equipment, added in Pre-Alpha version 1.1.3.


The Grenades are perhaps the most universal equipment for their variety of uses, such as flushing targets out of hard-to-reach areas, the ability to Grenade Jump, and of course, decimate an enemy quickly, grouped or alone. The Grenade will also distract enemies if necessary, giving you the opportunity to escape. If timed right, the Grenade will do great amount of damage, or kill. 

The Grenades are a unique weapon, as it is the only (so far) hand-held explosive. Grenades can be quickly tossed. However, grenades will not be armed when aiming. You must press the fire button to arm it, an overall more useful inclusion.


The Grenades can be used in an enclosed space, prevent enemies from escaping and dealing high damage. They can also be used to pressure opponents, forcing them to retreat to dangerous places.

Be sure to trap your enemies to ensure they cannot run away. Also, avoid throwing grenade short distances, as they can damage you.

If the player is in midair, throw a grenade at them. The grenade will hit them midair, making the grenade and player fall to the floor, making them blow up with the grenade.


  • This is the first equipment item made available.
  • In 1.2.1 starter equipment was removed by default; this also included the Pistol.
  • One grenade has the potential to kill a fighter with full HP.
  • As of 1.10.0, (the throwing update) grenades can now actually hit players, instead of passing through.
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