Length Long
Damage 15 HP
Durability N/A
Rarity Rare

The Katana is the longest Melee weapon, added in Pre-Release.

Combat Edit

The Katana is one of the two best Melee weapons in the game, because it has the highest reach of all the Melee weapons, but a bit less knockback than the Fire Axe.

In the right hands, the Katana can destroy a single foe at full health in a few seconds. The spawn for the weapon is rare, however, so it's unlikely you will receive it early in the match.

However, it is best used to rush an enemy, as its minimal knockback will not aid you. Strike fast and in succession for maximum damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Like the Machete, the Katana spawns in a sheath, when disarmed or dropped, it will be shown unsheathed.
  • In the first teaser picture of Superfighters Deluxe the Katana is featured in addition to the M60 and the Magnum.
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