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Bullets N/A
Ammunition N/A
Damage N/A
Critical chance N/A
Critical damage N/A
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Kicks aren't considered as a full weapon, but it's a melee attack that everyone can do in almost all situation; even when you are holding guns, or grenades; by pressing kick key (Default : S). Kicking players will make them stagger and will push them backward for a very short distance.


Due to its low damage output and its very low reach, it is advised to switch to a more reliable melee weapon (even fists); or, if melee combat is avoidable, to run away. However, a well-timed kick can push players into traps such as holes or explosive barrels.

A kick sent when you are falling down (even after a jump) will throw away your opponent, allowing you to gain a good distance between you and your opponent. This "jump kick" is an efficient way to take profit of a powerful gun if your opponent is chasing you. This may also be used to drag your opponent over a long distance, by combining jump kicks and diving (this is often referred as "dive kicking" by SFD players).

After a jump kick, you stay on the ground in a kneeling position for about a second, this allows players to shoot or hit you easily. When you jump kick and land on something above you don't kneel at all. Jump and then doing a down kick is more powerful than a regular jump kick. It increases the damage and distance the player gets knocked. This is usually used when another player is near a ledge or a cliff. This ensures the players death, however if the other player doges it or counters it

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Trivia Edit

When a player kicks a relatively light object, like Wooden Crate, and diving/jumping on it, you will get a double jump. Box2D physics multiplies your speed.