The Laser Sight is an Upgrade available in PreAlpha 1.1.6.

Laser Sight

The Laser Sight

Effect Edit

The Laser Sight will replace the aim reticule with a long red laser protruding from the player's weapon, making long-distance aiming a lot easier. The side-function of the laser sight is that is makes weapons more accurate as well, which can make high-spread weapons alot more deadly, and rifles very precise.

The Laser Sight will automatically apply to your primary weapon unless it already has a laser sight, as it then will apply to your secondary weapon. It will always apply to the weapon you are currently using as you get the upgrade. If you pick up a laser sight, but you do not own a gun, the next gun you pick up will automatically attach the laser sight when you equip it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Laser from the laser sight can pass through platforms and glass.
  • While the laser sight on the sniper is placed on the top of the gun, all other weapons have the laser sight near the barrel below the gun.