Bullets 100
Ammunition 0
Damage Normal: 8 HP

Object: 16 HP

Critical chance 1%
Critical damage 8
Rarity Very rare

The M60 is the most powerful automatic Primary weapon, added in Pre-Release.

Combat Edit

Once you have the powerful M60 in your hands there's no better way to use it than to keep your foes away or finishing them off. Players can be intimidated by the M60's effective power and range. It can kill at least 7 people (a completely full server excluding user) before running out of ammo, if used well.

The M60 is extremely useful for charging at enemies, and for suppressing enemies behind cover, as you will usually break their cover (see notes). This weapon is also good for distracting enemies while your teammates sneak up behind them.

The two best ways to counter the M60 are to either use Melee, or a type of Shotgun. Since the M60 is an automatic machine gun, a shotgun can deal more damage at closer range, allowing you to overpower the M60. The other method, melee, is to get close enough to melee them, which could hopefully disarm them. If you are up close have a better melee weapon than the M60 wielder, this is the best option. If those two options aren't available, consider hiding behind undestroyable cover, and forget hiding behind crates.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first actual teaser picture of Superfighters Deluxe, it shows the M60 in addition to the Katana and the Magnum.
  • This, the Bazooka, and the Flamethrower are the only the weapons that can't retain extra ammunition; grabbing the same weapon will result in whatever ammo the weapon you picked up had.
  • This gun is the rarest gun to be found in supply crates.
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