Bullets 6
Ammunition 1
Damage Normal: 25 HP

Object: 50 HP

Critical chance 50%
Critical damage 35 HP
Rarity Rare

The Magnum is the most powerful semi-automatic Secondary weapon available, added in Pre-Release.

Overview Edit

Due to the Magnum's high damage output and accuracy, it is considered the most powerful Secondary in the game if used properly. It is capable of killing a healthy enemy within 4 shots.

The Magnum holds six bullets and has a slow fire rate. While the critical chance is 50%, it isn't as high as the critical chance for the Pump-Action Shotgun or Sawed-Off Shotgun in close combat. However, its high chance of knockback coupled with its damage gives it an edge at medium and long range combat.

Strategies Edit

Because of the Magnum's knockback ability, using the environment to your advantage can be a good idea. Use this weapon to knock enemies off ledges, potentially killing them. Also, shooting an enemy in repeated succession would ensure minimal retaliation, as the knockback would disrupt the enemy before they would be able to fire back.

Acquiring laser-sights would make the Magnum a perfect long-range "sniper". Though it would lack the damage of a normal sniper, it can prove to be more useful by knocking enemies off ledges at a range.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first Teaser picture of Superfighters Deluxe, the Magnum is featured in addition to the M60 and the Katana.
  • Similar to the Revolver and Sawed-Off Shotgun, the Magnum does not release a cartridge after each shot, but it will release all of them while reloading.
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