New Feature

Mines is a new feature that recently added. It's probably not 100% quality and will need some more work.



Mines 1
Total Mines 2
Damage ExplosionIcon
Rarity Uncommon

The Mines are a throwable explosives Equipment, added in Pre-Alpha 1.8.4.


The Mines are very similar to grenades in the aspect that they are thrown explosive weapons. The primary difference being that Mines have a priming "timer" in which while it flashes it will not detonate. When the priming has finished the mine becomes static, and the only way it can be destroyed is by either triggering it by walking toward it, or by shooting or hitting it with bullets or explosives.


The Mines are particularly deadly, which makes them an effective trapping and area denial tool. Their small proximity radius, combined with using the standard explosion radius. Mines can easily kill a fighter in one blow, due to the low detecton radius and the overall large radius of the standard explosion. If they aren't dead from the initial blast, the blast force will most likely deplete whatever remaining HP the victim has.

However, while Mines are deadly they are easily avoidable. When a Mine is thrown, the priming "timer" includes a flashing bulb on the Mine to indicate a fighter has thrown it. When it lands in its position, the flash still lingers, giving away its position. Not to mention that the small trigger radius can be easily avoided with a well timed sprinting jump (a dive will trigger the Mine).

It is best to throw mines by a door that a player will need to go through, or throw one down during or efore a firefight, as the opponent will most likely forget it was there; just remember that it's there!.

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