Objects are a feature in Superfighters Deluxe that are not only scenery featured in maps, but can also be affected by physics.

Use Edit

One important reason Objects are useful to Gameplay is allowing environmental change, making you able to alter the environment to your advantage or safety.

Some objects are highly resistant to fire, some are useful for blockages or traps from parts of the map.

Objects also contribute different effects such as exploding on hit by a bullet or breaking when hit by a bullet.

Current Objects Edit

Bugs Edit

  • Some objects such as a Table or Trash Can can gib players who fall into the openings of the objects.

Physics Updates Edit

Pre-Release Information

This article's topic may be very inaccurate or entirely false. We can't promise validity, but it is written based upon what we can safely assume this information will be included in a future update of Superfighters Deluxe.

According to the Planned Features thread posted by Hjarpe [1] He plans to improve physics in addition to adding more objects to bring about more gameplay styles.