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Bullets 12
Ammunition 2
Damage 8 HP
Critical chance 5%
Critical damage 8 HP
Rarity Common

The Pistol is a Secondary weapon, added in Pre-Release.

Combat Edit

The Pistol is decent at close to mid-range combat, and effective at shooting down targets that are in the open or running away. It's also useful for suppressing enemies behind cover. Also, its fire rate is bigger than Magnum and Revolver, so it's good to use it if you don't have any automatic firearm. The Pistol will kill in exactly 13 bullets, so it can only kill one enemy from full health if you don't have pin-point accuarcy and have an extra bullet. The Pistol's damage is more powerful than Uzi, but less powerful than Revolver. The Pistol contains more bullets than Revolver and Magnum and less than Uzi. This is useful for killing enemies that have less health.


  • In 1.2.1 starter equipment was removed by default; this also included Grenades.
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