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Commands are used by proceeding with a '/'; then the giving command. Valid commands will be shown in the chat log (green text or some other indication); otherwise no chat will appear. In most cases [USER] is defaulted to you.

Note: The commands and parameters aren't case sensitive.

Tip: You can use "me" as the [USER] parameter.

Tip: The minimum to register the [USER] parameter is 2 characters, then it will search through players; and find a match.

Ex) [The Law] 'Th(e)' and 'La(w)' will all work, but 'The' is common; so 'Law' is a better choice.

Tip: You can also use the index of a player (a number between 0-7) for the [USER] parameter, The same can be done with the index for [ITEM(S)].

Player CommandsEdit

These can be used by any player within the server (weak, no real affect).


Lists all commands.


Leave the game.


List all players by [index]-[name]. The index can change as new players join, players leave or the team layout change.


Show the [USER]'s ping.

/WHISPER [USER] [TEXT] (or /W)Edit

Whisper (private chat) with [USER].

/TEAM [TEXT] (or /T)Edit

Chat with your team. [TEXT] will be colored corresponding with your team.

Host CommandsEdit

These affect the server, you shouldn't abuse these (not all, but most).


Kicks [USER]; allowing them to re-join.


Bans [USER] (by IP), preventing them to re-join. Banned players are listed in the "banlist.txt" file.


Ends the game.

/SETTEAMS [00000000]Edit

Sets the game's teams (after current match).

0 = Independent

1 = Blue

2 = Red

3 = Green

4 = Yellow


Shuffles the existing pool of teams; so all independent will have no effect.

When setting the parameter; it doesn't include the current round.


Loads a new map (after current match).


Shows a message in the chat log (red text) to everyone.

Using the format ([Heading]: [Text]), will display [Heading] in grey.


Lists all of [user]'s available maps.


Causes the server to run at the desired speed. [SPEED] can be set from 0,1 (1/10 of the speed) to 2 (2 times the speed).


List all items by [index]-[name].

0 = Pistol

1 = Magnum

2 = Pump-action_Shotgun

3 = Katana

4 = Pipe_Wrench

5 = Submachine_Gun

6 = M60

7 = ---

8 = Machete

9 = Sniper_Rifle

10 = Sawed-off_Shotgun

11 = Baseball_Bat

12 = Uzi

13 = +25

14 = +50

15 = 5_Sec_Slomo

16 = 10_Sec_Slomo

17 = Bazooka

18 = Fire_Axe

19 = Assault_Rifle

20 = Grenades

21 = Laser_Sight

22 = ---

23 = Carbine


Gives [USER] the desired [ITEM].


In no particular order, you can set what equipment players will start with; using the name or index.

Note: Items can be overwritten if they fall under the same catagorie.

Ex) '/STARTITEMS 1 2 3 4 5' > Magnum Shotgun Katana PipeWrench SubmachineGun.

Note: Setting one item wrong will cause players to start with everything except that item. If only one item was inserted, and misspelled, the players will start with nothing.


Removes the [USER]'s item; if they have one under the [TYPE].

Note: The only options for [TYPE] are to remove an item by name, or by numarical catagorie (not by index).

1 = Rifle (slot 3)

2 = Thrown (slot 4)

3 = Melee (slot 1)

4 = Powerup (slot 5)

5 = InstantPickup (not usable)


Toggles if a player has infinite life. 0 = false, 1 = true.


Toggles if a player has infinite energy. 0 = false, 1 = true.


Toggles if a player is in 'God'. 0 = false, 1 = true.

Trivia Edit

  • Before version 1.1.6 users were left to discover (or be shown) all the commands.
  • /LISTITEMS is missing 'Pistol'; 7 could be a place-holder.
  • Up until an unknown version of Pre-Alpha  (After Pre-Alpha 1.1), all players on a server could use the /give command.
  • Their is a command to clear lag, and anything that has been set: /clear (/clear lag)
  • Item IDs 7 and 22 are randomly left open, most likely to add the next two Original SF weapons, Moltovs and Flamethrower.

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