New Feature

Silenced Uzi is a new feature that recently added. It's probably not 100% quality and will need some more work.

Silenced Uzi


Bullets 25
Ammunition 1
Damage 4.25 HP
Critical chance 1%
Critical damage 4.25
Rarity Common

The Silenced Uzi is an automatic Secondary weapon, added in Pre-Alpha 1.7.6.

Combat Edit

The Silenced Uzi is a more precise and rarer yet less powerful version of the Uzi.

Inflicting 4 damage per hit, you can kill up to one player at full health per ammunition, if you manage to hit with every shot, which is unlikely to happen, due to the multiple dodging possibilities Superfighters Deluxe has to offer.

Because of its average accuracy and its high fire rate, you can easily manage to finish off fighters with a small amount of remaining HP, just by hitting them with a few shots. However, the Silenced Uzi wont stand a chance against larger and more powerful guns.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon is called Uzi, but resembles the form of the Micro Uzi, a very compact version of its series.
  • The Silenced Uzi has the lowest damage per bullet ratio. However, its high firerate compensate it.
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