Bullets 30
Ammunition 1
Damage 6 HP
Critical chance 1%
Critical damage 6
Rarity Uncommon

La ametralladora es una armada primaria automática, agregada en prelanzamiento.

Combat Edit

La ametralladora tiene una alta cadencia de tiro y buena precisión, sin embargo, causa poco daño y menos preciso que el rifle de asalto. Puede ser útil para el fuego de cadera, debido a su alto índice de disparos. Funciona mejor a distancia de medios, pero también lo es para ser utilizado a distancia media

The best way to counter this is to make the opponent waste their ammo, while they try to shoot you, roll to another safe position, also try to conserve Energy to move to positions quicker over longer distances. Once the opponent runs low on ammo, try to get closer so you can go for a better takedown.

Trivia Edit

  • The Submachine Gun is inspired by the HK MP5 Submachine Gun.
  • Before the Pre-Alpha 1.7.0, the Tommy Gun was the original Submachine Gun, however Gurt and Hjarpe allocated the Tommy Gun as its own weapon and redesigned the original Submachine Gun as a more modernized weapon. It is still unknown what reason this is for, perhaps in an eventual update the Tommy Gun will have an entirely different stats set.
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