New Feature

Tommy Gun is a new feature that recently added. It's probably not 100% quality and will need some more work.

Submachine gun


Bullets 35
Ammunition 1
Damage 6.5 HP
Critical chance 1%
Critical damage 6.5
Rarity Uncommon

The Tommy Gun is an automatic Primary weapon, added in Pre-Alpha 1.7.0.

Combat Edit

The Tommy Gun is an automatic rifle that you can find fairly often. Having a rather high spread when compared to other automatic rifles, it should be used as a primary counterpart of the Uzi.

Moreover, its high damage output at low range can turn it in into a improvised shotgun, allowing to shrug off a large chunk of health from a near opponent.

Trivia Edit

  • It was the original Submachine Gun before Pre-Alpha 1.7.0.
  • It is the iconic term used for the Thompson Submachine Gun.
  • Until Pre-Alpha 1.7.6, it used to share its stats with the Submachine Gun.
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