The Toxic Mask Order (Or T.M.O) is a clan created by a player named ''Rick'', to join this you must meet the creator in the game, and i will ask you to join, if i see that you're skilled, or, you can message me in this wiki so we talk and you convince me to be in the clan.

How to be in a squad:

A squad is a group of people that use an uniform (in this group) you can message me to be a squad member, but if you are the third one that joins the clan, you will be a Squad Leader, the person who commands the squad members. The uniform is a Gas Mask (Any.) Safety Gloves, and a Coat. The uniform of the Leader is a beret and safety gloves. (You don't really need to use the uniform, but it helps the others to know who you are.)


  1. Rick[Leader and Owner]
  2.  ??? [Captain](the old one died)
  3. ??? [Squad Leader, empty slot]

In battle:

In battle this clan uses close combat, this means that you use melee to fight, or you can use a gun and shoot at someone that is close, so you have better aim and less chances to miss, it's not required to use this strategy, you can fight as you want, this is just a tip...

(Yeah, this page sucks, but hey, it's my first page...)