Size Vaious
Material Wood
Durability Weak
Flammable? Yes

The  Wooden Crate or simply Crate is an object available throughout the Superfighters series.



Various Crates

The Crate is a wooden object that can be used as temporary cover from incoming fire, but can be set ablaze and can even be broken with fists in a few hits. This object comes in several sizes, 16x16 and 32x16. The Crate can be destroyed with couple of shots and also punches or with melee, but with powerful weapons like the Sniper Rifle it only takes one shot. This is great for when a player is hiding behind a crate, because you can destroy their cover and hit them with the one shot.

Notes Edit

  • The Crate, the Eagle Crate, and the Long Crate have 75 HP, 75 HP, and 100 HP, respectively. Strong weapons such Sniper Rifle and Magnum will destroy the Crate and the Eagle Crate in one hit. Only explosions and the Sniper Rifle can destroy the Long Crate in one hit.